• I think they should be allowed

    I think mp3 players should be allowed because when I do my home work I listen to my mp3 player and I don't mess up and I can think better.Also when some people listen to their mp3 players it calms them down or go do something .That is why I think that mp3 players be allowed

  • It depends on the person

    For me, if I don't have an earbud in (while listening, more or less, to the teacher(s)) I can't focus well. But, then again, someone might do better off without their mp3 player on. Really, it completely depends on the person- some do better with music, others worse. Others are distracted, while others can't focus without it.

  • I use one all the time.

    I use an iPod constantly when I work. It just directs me on one thing, allows me to cut out any sound that might distract me, etc, etc.

    I wholeheartedly support using music while working. During a lesson, of course, it is no good, but during work/reading it helps a great deal.

  • They help keep you focused

    They really do. I love being able to listen to my iPod in school, as it keeps me calm and it helps me focus. It also helps me ignore bullies and that kinda thing. So yeah, iPods in school is actually a real good thing.
    I'm done, just gotta fill the words needed. :P

  • MP3 players make life easier.

    The people I respect in my life are pretty confident in themselves, know who they are, and have been through the hard stuff in life, facing each challenge as an opportunity to improve themselves. If they encounter something that makes them uncomfortable, they face it until they are comfortable facing it. They respect hard work and revel in team efforts where everyone's hearts are in it, together. These individuals look at the whole of life as an experience to take on directly.

    I think MP3 players in school robs students of the very short-lived opportunity to find themselves amongst a community of other potential leaders. If students are determined to limit their potential as leaders, then MP3 players help expedite that process.

    Posted by: Shlo

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