Mr. Duernte and Fentanyl: Is the leader of the Philippines abusing Fentanyl?

  • He probably is

    The people with the most intense prejudices and hatreds are often guilty of what they accuse others of doing. It's like anti-gay Republican congressman getting caught soliciting sex in men's bathrooms. Duterte's absurd war on drugs leads me to believe he's part of that same problem in some way, and I can't wait to see it exposed.

  • Yes, he is making them miserable

    Mr. Duernte has taken responsibility of the leader of the Philippines to advance the country while keeping its people safe and he is simply using them and the Philippines as a lever for his own advancement and it is resulting in many people's lives ruined and in dismay as they are being used.

  • Yes, it seems so.

    Duterte should stop taking Fentanyl because obviously it has already driven him to madness and to fits of paranoia where everyone he sees is either a drug addict or drug lord.The 71-year-old revealed last week he had been taking Fentanyl — the same drug that killed pop legend Prince — to ease his migraines and spinal pain stemming from a motorcycle accident injury.

  • There is no proof.

    People make accusations against politicians all the time. Nobody called Trump a racist until he wanted to be President. Then they accused him of all kinds of things. The leader of the Philippines is the victim of political attacks. People will say whatever they will will work to discredit him. There is no proof he abuses anything.

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