Mr. Obama and Mr. Reagan: Is Mr. Obama correct that Mr. Reagan would be offended with Mr. Trump's approach to Russia?

  • TImes were different then.

    Decades have passed since Ronald Reagan was president. Times were very different back then, as were attitudes. It is known that the U.S. and Russia have had a long-standing enmity with each other, but perhaps now is the time to change that. Sometimes the mark of a great man is being able to turn the other cheek and make amends.

  • I'm surprised more Republicans aren't outraged.

    Russia is not our enemy but Russia is not our friend either. Putin is not a hero. The fact that a significant portion of the American populace does not understand this is mind boggling. Not only Reagan, so many past Presidents would be offended. We really need to analyze the events and their causes that led to a pro-Russia President.

  • I think so

    Whatever you may say about Mr. Reagan, he wasn't a lady part grabbing, vulgar, grasping , narcissist. Like President Obama, he held his office in high regard and with respect for others. I think he'd be horrified by Trump's behavior and complete disrespect for diplomacy. I also think he'd hate the kowtowing to Putin.

  • No, Mr. Obama is not correct.

    President Obama is incorrect in claiming that President Reagan would be critical of President-elect Donald Trump's approach to dealing with Russia. Reagan would have likely been critical of Obama's foreign policy; especially Obama's policy toward dealing with Russia. Reagan would view Obama is weak and ineffective when it comes to dealing with the Russians.

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