Mr. Trump and climate change data: Will Mr. Trump's administration destroy data related to climate change?

  • Saving the environment is not a priority.

    Trump doesn't really believe in climate change, he called it a Chinese hoax. All he cares about is profit. He needs to understand that you can be profitable and save the planet, it just takes more brainpower and time. Unfortunately, I think Trump knows he's going to be impeached any day. So he needs to make as much money as possible. He doesn't care that he is going to destroy the planet in the process.

  • If they have a chance

    If given the chance, I really do believe that Trump and his crew will do whatever they can to try and destry evidence and data that supports the reality of climate change. Trump sees climate change and environmental regulations as a way of hindering industry, which seems to be very important to him. If he can do something to try and show that climate change isn't real, he will.

  • There are diverse opinions.

    Trump will not destroy data related to climate change, because he has scientists that are providing other data. The Obama administration would have people believe that there is only one opinion on climate change. This is not the case. Trump will fight data with data. He does not need to suppress information because the truth is on his side.

  • Mr. Trump will not destroy climate change data.

    Mr. Trump will not destroy climate change data. Or at the very least if he does he will not be very successful, as scientists have already begun to back up their data in various locations to prevent the total lose of anything. He would also be foolish to waste his time in trying to destroy it at all as this would be worse press for him than simply denying it.

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