• Not a good one

    Trump's mandate is whatever the Republican establishment wants it to be. He's clearly content to hold his fuhrer-like rallies and revel in the support of his followers while Pence, Ryan and the other cronies behind him gut and ruin America. It's technically a mandate, even if it's not a specific one.

  • I think Donald Trump has several mandates

    Donald Trump seems to have a mandate for everything but he should really put a mandate on his own Twitter usage. This guy is proving to be a wild card and we as a country can only hope nothing too serious comes of his irresponsible and sometimes thoughtless actions against anyone and anything that crosses his field of vision.

  • Yes, Mr Trump has a mandate.

    Donald Trump won the electoral college by a fairly wide margin. Therefore, Trump does have somewhat of a mandate when he assumes the office of the presidency. Trump must be careful not to overstep his mandate--potentially upsetting voters in the next election. However, it should be noted that Trump won more electoral votes than George W Bush won in 2000 and 2004.

  • He has a mandate, but not from the majority of the american people.

    Trump lost the popular vote by a decent margin, and his win in the electoral college was modest despite his claims of a "landslide". Many voters hated both candidates and picked what they thought of as the lesser of two great evils {I believe that they fell for a false equivalency presented by those attempting to appear unbiased. The major reasoning against Hillary is that she was corrupt (in my opinion almost every high level politician is), however so too is Trump and unlike Hillary he will not feel the need to maintain an appearance of morals and decency. Blatant unrestrained corruption and greed>corruption restrained by the need to appear professional, moral, and decent}

    He has a mandate from those whose support of him is utterly unshakable. From those who would still support him even if he did murder someone on national television. Those who screamed their support as he spewed forth hypocrisy, racism, and bigotry. Those who do not care if he profits from the presidency at the expense of the people. Those in big business who wish for the government to turn a blind eye, or even help them, pillage and plunder the wealth and resources of the country. It is from these people that he has a mandate.

  • No way no how

    No, Trump certainly doesn't have a mandate. Given that the popular vote discrepancy between Trump and Mrs. Clinton is 2.8 million votes, he's got no mandate. Despite GOP control of Congress and eventually the courts, the popular vote clearly indicates that there's no mandate. He and his Trumpettes are delusional. He's 27th on the list of all time electoral votes, but his share of the popluar vote was the 7th smallest.

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