• Yes, disable Trump's Twitter account

    Yes, Mr. Trump should stop sending out tweets. It is unbecoming and irresponsible of the president of the United States to send unsubstantiated and, seemingly, off the cuff Twitter messages. All statements made by the leader of the free world have a tremendous impact and reflect our values. They should be both factual and well thought out.

  • Mr. Trump should stop sending out tweets

    I do not believe it is wise for people who represent the public to have the ability to initiate or respond to pop culture without a filter- as in their public relations manager. I believe it is a politician's job to ensure they are current on their job responsibilities and keeping the promises made during their campaigns, not commenting on social media about people only relevant to pop culture and that have no impact on politics or the daily lives of citizens of this country.

  • Yes, Donald Trump should stop tweeting.

    Yes, Donald Trump should stop sending out tweets. This holds especially true for the petulant and bizarre tweets that he sends out in the late-night and early-morning hours. Instead of sending out tweets here and there, Trump should do the mature thing and hold a press conference. The press is not infallible, but it is all we have.

  • Freedom of Speech

    Y'all liberals burn flags and say its "free speech" but you won't let the president elect use social media. Hmm. , ,, , , , , , , ,, ,, , , , , , ,, , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,

  • No, he should not.

    The president elect should send out as many tweets as he wants. Not only is he protected by freedom of speech, but one of these days he is likely to send out a tweet that really shows his true colors to the rest of the world. Maybe he will send out something incriminating.

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