Muhammad cartoons controversy: Are there "double standards" in this debate?

  • Yes, political correctness is over the top.

    Yes, there are double standards in the debate about the Muhammad cartoons, because society is free to make fun of every religion except for the Muslims. Christians have to endure people putting excrement on pictures of Jesus and calling it art. But when someone wants to make a cartoon about Muhammad, everyone gets mad. It's a double standard.

  • Yes, it is too important to be politically correct.

    Yes, there are double standards on the issue of Muhammad cartoons, because there are a lot of cartoons that make fun of the Christian God, and those cartoons are allows. Christians are constantly mocked in cartoons, and that is not criticized. However, when people make cartoons about Muhammad, they are considered offensive, and the people involved are told to be more sensitive. This is a double standard.

  • Put yourself in the others religion.

    You don't know the other religous practices. In Islam it is an insult and it is an insult to my religoun. I am Muslim and I find it every offending. Muhammad was amazing and people drawing him is mocking because he is too amazing. You guys don't understand. He is one who has never sinned. And the only person who has never sinned.

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