Multiculturalism vs. assimilation: Is multiculturalism better for the safety and security of a nation?

  • More viewpoints, more options

    America has and will continue to face many problems. A country made up of many different cultures is going to weather these problems more succesfully. We need people with different perspectives. We need people from different places, people who have lived in terrible poverty, people with all the resources in the world. And more importantly we need people to come together and work for the common good

  • Multiculturalism is detrimental to the safety and security of a country.

    Multiculturalism undermines the national cohesion of any country, creating separate alienated populations with conflicting values and loyalties. As a result racial, religious, and other tensions and conflicts occur. Where multiculturalism has been introduced, in western Europe and North America for instance, it has always brought decreased safety and security to every community it touches.

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