Multiculturalism vs. assimilation: Which model is more feasible, multiculturalism (yes) or assimilation (no)?

  • Yes to Multiculturalism

    Multiculturalism is the optimal choice when compared to assimilation. Assimilation mandates that the culture live together and adopt ways that are acceptable to their culture. Assimilation is what American is about. However, a multicultural system means that the cultures appreciates the ways of living of others and continue to exist.i

  • We must move beyond multiculturalism's fundamental contradictions

    The great project of corporate neoliberalism has been to foster an assimilation of all peoples into a single global culture. It is multiculturalism, than enshrines differences for the sake of difference which stands in the way of progress. Too often governments, religions and social institutions try to shelter their abuses against human rights as culturally significant practices. When we see that we are all fundamentally the same, that a person halfway across the world can suffer in just the same way as a friend or a family member, will humanity come into a greater empathy and yearning for progress never yet seen in the world's history.

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