Museums Should Return Artifacts To Their Countries of Origin

  • Yeah, They should return it to their Countries of Origin.

    Why? First of all, Tel's define Artifact. It is an object made by a human being, Typically one of cultural or historical interest. It is a symbol of one's country's culture and history. This will remind the people in that country, "Hey, This is our history. This is our culture. " This way, The culture and the history will be enhanced. It won't fade away.

    Now, Some might say: Oh, But it is needed in the museums to inform others about a certain country's culture and history. I highly disagree on this one. For it is possible to educate others about a certain culture without an original artifact right before their eyes. It can be done with a simple picture, Hologram, Or, Much better, A Replica.

    Now, If you disagree, Reply.

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