• It's unfair to some people.

    Not everyone is musically oriented. I am not one of those people, but I know many people who are. People with less musical skill should not be discriminated against and should not get a lower mark because of it. Music is not necessary to school. School should be made fair to those who aren't musically inclined. When I was in high school, some assignments for non-music classes contained assignments containing vocal ability. People who couldn't sing had such a hard time, but it was funny to listen to. I hope you will stand with me in my fair view of this opinion. Many of my friends still have awful memories of that teacher in high school. Students, graduates, teachers, and anyone else who was inconvenienced by this unfair judgement, stand with me in solidarity!

    Note: I am not one of the people I am referring to as non-musically oriented. I am in fact an amazing musician and was at the top of my class.

  • No more music in school

    Why do we do music in school anyway everyone dose not need to do music in school anyway some people really really really hate music so the do'nt think kids should have to learn music in school because they don't think it is good for kids or even their kids they would say that it is really bad!!!!!!!

  • Im not good at music

    People think that i can do better but i cant because i have reached my limit to my music learning. So music should not be judged at school. And just because i'm a Asian does not mean i can play the piano. So thats my reason for this unknown argument.

  • I am not a respected man.

    I am a jazz guitarist, and although I was always successful at my instrument and later on continued down this path, some of my most stressful moments were that of performing or getting graded by my teacher. It is especially difficult when someone is struggling with the music and everyone is listening and judging them.

  • Music ability should be judged

    Just like every other subject PE, Math, Science, Art e.T.C. Should be judged, this will lead to realistic evaluations of one's own abilities. Also it can show a student the areas one needs to improved upon if necessary. Judging is how the school system works without it students may develop unrealistic ideas about their own ability which could be very harmful to their future.

    Posted by: hect
  • Music ability should be judged.

    It is not fair that in school shows that everyone is execpted. The show would be amazing if only amazing kids get accepted, but it brings the show and the incomes down. It only makes the show and the show reputations down, which is never a good thing to have.

  • Musical ability should never be judge in school

    Would you want to be judge on they way you physical do things? I don't think so. People learn at a different pace some has experience and some don't. It's not fair that your being judged and graded on learning something, all it really does is just adding stress on students who should be worried about learning more important thing like math and other core subjects however music and other specials are important they would be a place where you can learn how to play a intrument for fun not forced to play.

  • If they are taking it as a class then yes

    If someone is taking a music class then of course it should be judged. That being said not everyone is musically inclined and not everyone has to be. It isn't even the most important thing for our society that people understand music. I think a basic programming class should be considered a core class in high school considering that many nonprogramming jobs will soon be obsolete, and all students should be expected to reach beginning calculus, maybe even further. This would go a long way to promoting the areas where advancement would help society the most.

  • Isn't it unfair to discriminate between subjects?

    Music is a huge part of our history and common knowledge, and at least in Finland, in my school, a large part of our music education in elementary school was based around music history and learning to identify different instruments. Just like every other academic subject, this discipline was graded.

    Apart from the general education part of music education, I do also value very highly the playing part of music class (although I may be biased, as I play four different instruments and sing). Not only is music typically one of the students' favourite classes (at least in my schools it was), it gives them the opportunity to discover talents they might never discover otherwise.

    Having said all that, I'm not so sure about the actual question: should musical ability be JUDGED? (Well, the word judge has so many negative connotations that it's hard not to have second thoughts before advocating the judging of anything, especially kids.) But as previous posters said, judging (and grading) is how the school system works. Why would it be any more acceptable to judge pupils on their mathematical ability than their musical ability. After all, e.g. Gardner's theory of multiple intelligences pose both musical intelligence and mathematical intelligence as parallel "modalities" of intelligence. Why should we presume that it's any less fair to give low marks to students who aren't "musically intelligent/oriented" than those who aren't "mathematically intelligent/oriented". Following this logic, if we find it wrong to judge musical ability, we might just have to stop all judging/grading in schools altogether. (Note that I've not included the dimensions of attitude and effort in my concepts of grading/judging. Those aspects usually have an effect on the grades as well, so that even a less talented student can get an alright grade with the right attitude. Thinking about it, that's probably even MORE true in music class than maths class. Maths exams are pretty straight-forward and unequivocal to mark, so if you're bad at maths, you're out of luck. But even if you're really poor at everything musical, you could still get a good grade if you're really enthusiastic.)

    But yeah, I can't be bothered thinking about the question rationally any further than that. I will say that pshefve is quite right in making the distinction between "judging" and "grading".

  • Music literacy should certainly be judged (evaluated)

    Evaluation is a core part of becoming musically literate. Certainly evaluation should be performed in a way which is not destructive to the self-esteem and intrinsic motivation of students. The majority of student musicians need and benefit from feedback and direction from an experienced mentor. Without this, growth and potential is severely limited. I personally would never have become a professional composer and musician if it were not for the intense and rigorous constructive criticism of my mentors in which whom I am forever indebted and hold in the highest esteem.

  • Judged, not necessarily graded

    To keep a school-wide interest in the arts, classes like band and choir should not be graded by the students ability. This does not mean that they should not be judged. The teacher should be able to set benchmarks that students should meet and show students where they are succeeding and where they need to work. This may mean that some assignments will be graded, but this should not make or break a student's grade, but simply give them encouragement to work at it. If there is not some degree of competition or judging, there will not be as much growth in the band/choir/group.

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