Muslim man spent 23 years in jail for false terror charges: Could this have been avoided?

  • Muslim man's 23 years in jail could have been avoided

    A Muslim man who spent 23 years in jail for terror charges that proved to be false could have avoided this sentence. He was picked up quickly and charged. There was a rush to judgement, which caused a miscarriage of justice. The evidence against him was weak, even with a confession that appears to be unreliable.

  • Yes it could.

    Terrorism is the new communism. It is this blanket term that incites fear into the average citizen of the world. It also incites paranoia that leads to violence and misunderstanding. We slap stereotypes onto terrorists and we sometimes get the wrong person. As long as we let our emotions rule our decisions then the wrong people will be imprisoned.

  • Yes, this false terror charge could have been avoided.

    Yes, situations where people are falsely imprisoned could be avoided. Racial and religious profiling of supposed "terrorists" is becoming a huge problem, and law enforcement should learn to see past the exterior of a person. Imprisonment without sufficient evidence is something that happens more often than it should, especially in America. Perhaps it's time to make some changes to the justice system.

  • Yes this could have been avoided.

    In situations of terrorism or any imprisonment for crime, their needs to be a conviction based on preponderance of evidence and beyond a reasonable doubt that the crime was actually committed. Many times in a rush to judge the defendant, the facts are often overlooked or manipulated. This is done in order to earn a conviction regardless of the truth.

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