Muslims stole most of their scientific discoveries.

Asked by: Dr_Obvious
  • I agree completely..

    The 1,001 inventions tour is a total fraud. They actually try to rob the Wright Brothers of their achievement in aviation by citing a Muslim jumped off a mosque wearing a cloak of sorts with vulture feathers attached to it. The claims of science being in the Qu'ran are even more outrageous and ludicrous with embarrassing claims that the earth is spread flat like a carpet. All of this propaganda is designed to hide the glaring truth that Islamic contributions to science do not exist in our modern world and you can count the number of recipients of the Noble Prize who are Muslim on your hands and one of those was unrepentant terrorist Yasser Arafat.

  • Islam is a religion of violence

    The violent behavior of Muslims and their inability to tolerate people who do not think like them indicates to me that they never invented anything and discovered any scientific ideas. Science did not really start growing in Europe until after religion stopped being the only thing on the minds of the people. Before that happened, the Europeans (Christians) were very crazy and would hurt people who did not believe like them. That type of environment discourages scientific discoveries because scientists need to be able to think freely. Until Muslims stop acting as if they are in the Middle Ages, they will never make scientific discoveries.

  • What ISIS os doing now is the way how Islam spread and stole sciences.

    Muslims have conquered all parts of the middle East. They went to war with the Byzantine Empire. As the Muslims were murdering(just as you see with ISIS) they learned the technology and information they stole. They stole sciences and Architecture, and philosophy. Even now ISIS is forcing the Iraqi and Syrian soldiers to learn how to fly jets so ISIS can have an air force.

  • It's a no brainer

    There is a collection of 1001 islamic inventions touring the globe, right now. It is claimed that Muslims were responsible for all of these great discoveries. The truth is that these claims are mostly bogus. Almost all of these inventions were stolen from other cultures. A good example is the astrolabe. Muslims claim credit for this invention, even though it has been confirmed that it was in use a thousand years before the muslims took credit for it. Don't believe the hype. This exhibit is nothing more than a group, with low self esteem, taking credit for others hard work.

  • Go back to the olden days

    It is actually proven that Islamic mathematicians found out the concept 0 lots of years before even Fibonacci discovered it. They discovered concepts before the europeans discovered it. I could give you more like the binomial theorem, but its off the point. The point is that muslims didn't steal their discoveries. You can see that many people may think this way because of the media. Many people portray the muslims as terrorists, when only some muslims commit crimes. This may have led people to believe that the muslims are bad. Which causes people to lean more the the european side of things.

    Tomscanlon1976 says that that Islam is a religion of violence. Really? Are you judging the muslims by the terrorist groups. You should be taking in the whole picture. I have met many muslims that aren't that bad and I'm
    pretty sure you would've met some without knowing their religion.

  • Islam is the way of the sword, not science.

    Look at the maps of the Mediterranean before and after 600 AD. See anything? Cause I see a massive Caliphate blob. Islam spread through the known world by Jihad, alongside the land they stole and the people they enslaved they also stole different technologies. Byzantine libraries stood wide open to them, Egypt and Persia were important scientific hubs of the world. After Islam came; poof! Backward theocratic dictatorships. They still are.
    The number "0" was discovered by ancient Greeks and Indians before Muhammad's great grandparents were even born.
    Fun fact: Out of the knowledge and technology Muslims allegedly "preserved" only 10% made it. 90% was DESTROYED by Muslims.
    But this doesn't matter I guess... Some people are too ignorant to understand it.
    Guys, algebra was actually used in ancient Babylon and Egypt. Just because there's an arab word that sounds like Algebra ("al-jaibr") doesn't mean that Muslims discovered algebra. Ancient Greeks also had algebra. As I said before: Islam conquered lands and took the knowledge, too bad they only managed to preserve 10% of it...

    If Muslims are such intellectuals how come Europeans who allegedly lived in the "Dark Ages" managed to overtake them scientifically in what? Two hundred years?
    An example of Muslim intellectual thought and scientific prowess: very recently Saudi scientists have concluded that their research has proven that women are, yes that's a shocker; MAMMALS! Therefore they can be treated like camels, (still quoting them).
    Just accept the truth and stop with your taqiyya

  • It seems to have mostly came from India and the Hindus no?

    Even Arabic numerals should be called Indian numerals as they came from India, but just passed to the west via the middle east. Look at the bija ganita.....As the beginning of algebra. As for the zero, who stole it from the Olmecs? Their civilization ended in the 4th Century BC. Oh yeah, the Mayans....Who stole it from the New World? In the end, it all came from the quipu. Right? That was a base 10 positional system with a zero.... Point being. Things can spring up in many locals vs being spread from one origination point.

  • Golden age myth

    There was a time when the Calaphate became relaxed with shariah enforcement. This was a time when people had the freedom to experiment with ideas that went against Islamic teachings. Most of the breakthroughs were just African, Armenian, Indian and Greek ideas that were allowed to be developed further. The people who made most of the advancements were NOT true practicing Muslims.
    They just lived under Muslim rule.

  • Arabs Plagiarised Every Thing that was invented by Others.

    First of all they are not the inventors of numerals as others are claiming here. The Arabs plagiarised the works of ancient Indian mathematicians especially Brāhmasphuṭasiddhānta (Opening of a universe). They showed off as there own works & channelized it to Europe.

    According to great medieval muslim writer Al-Qifti quotes in his Chronology of scholars,

    "... A person from India presented himself before the Caliph al-Mansur in the year [776 AD] who was well versed in the siddhanta method of calculation related to the movement of the heavenly bodies, and having ways of calculating equations based on the half-chord [essentially the sine] calculated in half-degrees ... This is all contained in a work ... From which he claimed to have taken the half-chord calculated for one minute. Al-Mansur ordered this book to be translated into Arabic, and a work to be written, based on the translation, to give the Arabs a solid base for calculating the movements of the planets ..."

    There are many things which are plagiarised above is one of the many.

  • Seriously, what is this?

    Many of the people who votes yes seems to believe that no Muslim could ever do something productive and scientific. This is obviously incorrect. During the Dark Ages, Muslim scholars kept the Greek and Roman writings alive, until Europe "discovered" them again in the Renaissance.

    Discoveries by Muslims extend to mathematics, optics, physics, and the scientific method.

    While religion is nearly always a force against science, the religion of Islam in the early years after Muhammad promoted it, as opposed to the previous religions of the region.

  • Lets call a spade a spade

    What poles like this prove is the power of prejudice. The history is pretty rock solid, the rise and fall of the Islamic States is very well documented. The idea that we must deny a chuck of history ... Because we don;t like Muslims (which we know very little about to hold such a position) is nothing but prejudice - pure and simple.

  • They brought science forward at a time when it was repressed by The Catholic Church

    Muslims throughout the medieval period made great leaps in sciemce when most of Europe was still very backwards in its attitude to science and mathematics. They worked out that the Earth is round, they re-introduced zero for maths, had universities and widespread education and were integral to inventing many techniqies still used in medical practices to this day

  • Stole most of our discoveries ? LOL, how cute are you.

    This is starting to seem more of a question based on hate with absolutely no evidence. Using ISIS and terrorists is irrelevant to the question and just proves how close minded, immature, and uneducated you are. Well there's a shocker.. All of your comments show ignorance or denial because of prejudice, people are confusing themselves between the media and real facts. It is a tired, old claim by Islamophobes that Muslims haven't contributed to either the history or social fabric of this country.

    I gather it is not common knowledge and few people know that Muslims contributed to the Western world and helped shape the modern world. Here are a few things just for starters: Surgery, coffee, flying machine,university, algebra, optics, music, toothbrush, hospitals, soap, condoms, make up, eyeliner, chess, parachute, metal armor, surgery, soup, windmill, mirrors, carpet, ect cetra. Islamic world contributed to agriculture, the arts, economics, industry,mathematics, islamic law, literature, navigation, philosophy, sciences, sociology, and technology, both by preserving earlier traditions and by adding inventions and innovations of their own. So you were saying ..?

    Don't make inaccurate accusations based on assumption or hate. After all, knowledge knows no bounds.

  • I see no evidence for the claim

    Is this an opinion based on spite? I see absolutely no evidence to support this claim and therefore see no reason to believe that Muslims "stole" their scientific discoveries. In fact, we should be grateful for Islam due to the fact that they essentially saved the ideas of Ancient Rome with the House of Wisdom in Baghdad. If they had not done so, Europeans would have never gained knowledge through the Crusades and therefore we may have never advanced out of the Dark Ages.

  • Can you say Eurocentric?!

    The fact is that Europeans have been making claims about pretty much every discovery since they learned to write (around the 16thc I think). Look at facts as they happened, and do not base your argument on your perceived knowledge of the current situation with Islam. Also there is something odd about the fact that western europeans can (living in a straw hut a thousand miles away in italy or a couple of thousand miles away in england) can lay claim to the ancient greeks but people living a couple of miles away in turkey (very integral to greek myths and facts) are told that they must lay claim to a different ideology, on what basis? They way the eurocentric people see it is that anything invented in the rest of the world is public domain but anything invented in europe is strictly european (big bang theory theme song "WE built the wall, WE built the pyramids" blah blah).

  • Its the OPPOSITE

    HALF of the inventions in this world WAS DISCOVERED by MUSLIMS not stolen. You will be shocked by how many scientific discoveries where discovered by Muslims. This is just a debate to shame Muslims, just deal with the fact that Muslims discovered them all. The write brothers did not come up the the fact of flying, it was the Muslims, but the wright brothers stole it. Stop stereotypes

  • This is ridiculous

    Not everything was discovered by Europeans. We should give due credit to other people. Harvard history professor Niall Ferguson dedicates a chapter in his book the West and the Rest to the scientific prowess of early Muslim empires. Most of the people on the Pro side are judging the Islam civilization by their own prejudices.

  • A claim made with little objective historical fact to back it up

    This poll makes an extraordinary claim and none of the yes camp seem able to really back it up and instead are trying to appeal to people's prejudice by mentioning quite irrelevant things (e.G. ISIS). Many mathematical terms are Arabic names: Algebra comes from al-jaibr is one example. More objective facts please, less anger.

  • Do you know What CREDIT means?

    Muslim took other civilizations science and developed it (BUT THEY CREDITED THE SOURCE) you would not know that the numbers are Indian Invention or the Greek philosophy and Romans culture and more others
    so Muslim didn't steal they developed unlike the western civilization
    I saw a BBC documentary about books are copied and translated from Arabic to Latin credited to other people that's STEALING

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iamanatheistandthisiswhy says2014-10-05T02:44:27.453
Why do you say this? I would like to see a source to base my opinion on. From what I understand they were not stolen, but I could be wrong.
Dr_Obvious says2014-10-05T16:59:10.290
abid.khan says2017-12-28T22:48:53.500
This is a list of Muslim Scientists who started and developed new field. They were fathers declared by the west and not us. The list is not exhausted.
1- Geber (father of Chemistry) Chemistry was there before but not an organised field.
2- Alhazen (father of optics, scientific method, theoretical Physics and inventor of camera)
3- Al Khwarizmi (father of Algebra and Algorithms).
4- Al Biruni (father of Indology, Anthropology and Geodesy)
5- Abulcasis (father of Surgery)
6- Al Jazari (father of Automaton and Mechanics) Archimedes is just a kid.
7- Ibn al-Nadim (father of Bibliography)
8- Ibn Khaldun (father of Sociology, Historiography, Economics
and Demography)
9- Hasan al-Rammah (father of rocketry and inventor of torpedo)
10- Al-Saghani (father of history of science)
11- Al Kindi (father of Cryptography)
12- Al-Farabi (the second master of Philosophy after Aristotle)
13- Rhazes (the second greatest physicin after Galen and inventor of periodic table in chemistry)
14- Avicenna (the third master of Philosophy after Aristotle and Al Farabi and developer of Avicnnian Loic that only comes after Aristotle and before Boole and the third greatest physicin after Galen and Rhazes)
15- Sibawayh (father of Arabic grammar and one of the greatest linguist of all times)
16- Nasir al-Din al-Tusi (father of trigonometry as independent subject (before him the Greeks and Indians had it with Astronomy
) discoverer of tusi couple, evolution). He was the first to list the six distinct cases of a right triangle in spherical trigonometry.
17- Abu al-Abbas al-Nabati (father of pharmacology)
18- Ali ibn Sahl Rabban al-Tabari (Compiler of first medical encyclopedia)
19- Omar Al Khayyam (father of Geometric algebra)
20- Lotfi Askar Zadeh (Modern Time) (Father of Fuzzy Logic used in AI and Robotics)
21- Muhammad Yunus (Modern Time) (Father of micro credit)
22- Mahbub ul Haq a Pakistani Economist is considered as the main proponent of human development index
23- Fazlur Rahman Khan (modern time) (father of tubular designs and one of the greatest structural engineers of 20th century and pioneer of Computer Aided Design)
24- Ahmed Zewail (Modern Time) (Father of femto chemistry)
I think two dozen scholars are enough. There are two dozen more. Now there are some important points worth mention:
1- There are many Indian and Chinese Scholars that founded important and great fields in Science, Engineering and Medicine. Some of them are mentioned here I request Indian, Chinese and other brothers to elaborate more so to lower the western ego and rudeness.
2- The west is biased in its academic research and giving the credibility to the scholars of orient. They are selfcentric always and underestimate. They have a specific narration of their own which is not true or near to it.
3- I didn't mention the sciences that are only specific to Muslims. The west could benefit from them but alas their enmity, jealousy and self delusion didn't allow them to do so. So I didn't event touch these sciences.
4- West always ravaged, robbed, looted and burnt our libraries, seminaries and books as well as manuscripts before and after the colonial age. Not in the Muslim world but also in other parts of the world. India, Egypt, Iraq (war on terror and looting), Indus Valley Civilisation, Mali, Spain Inquisition, Malta and Levant are just few examples . You can see here:
5- The common sense is that no one should accept any western view of Muslim contributions as we are in a war with them and enemies don't accept the good in their enemies. Their opinion will be given a weight only when they will be impartial first like Chinese, Japanese and other many nations are impartial.
6- The history of Islam and Muslims should only be taken from Muslims like the history of West should be taken from the westerners. Every nation should be given a priority in their affairs.
7- Most of the Muslim books are in Arabic and Classical one. No way to accept a lame opinion of any western crank if he has no groung in classical Arabic. Yes translation is helpful but who will translate? The foes???
MahmoudSonbaty says2018-08-27T10:12:45.100
Muslim took other civilizations science and developed it (BUT THEY CREDITED THE SOURCE) you would not know that the numbers are Indian Invention or the Greek philosophy and Romans culture and more others
so Muslim didn't steal they developed unlike the western civilization
I saw a BBC documentary about books are copied and translated from Arabic to Latin credited to other people that's STEALING