• It is a weird show.

    It is a childish show and it is quite silly that people actually watch the show. Even kids should be protected from nonsense like that. It is just childish, and older people who watch it are creeps and possibly express some homosexual traits. That is not a normal show to be watching. Take the show off TV. They are talking ponies. This is stupid and not even worth anyone's time. Sorry.

  • Ummmm..... Uh, what?

    Says the person with the My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic profile pic, and a username 'cuteponylove'.

    I'm pretty sure the opinion topic creator is an obvious troll, and I know plenty of straight people (men and women) who like the show. So no, it is not for homos, mkay?

  • Pinnacle of Ignorance

    Thinking this way is childish and only demonstrates how ignorant people can be. Bullies will be keen to thinking this way and will attack that which they don't understand. The person who started this is most likely a very insecure person with no values of his own. MLP is a show that can be enjoyed by any age group, the plot consists of complex topics and situations that older people can relate to. I am not a follower of MLP, but I can respect others choices to watch what they want. The word "gay" has been distorted to such an extent that you will hear the word used to describe anything that is not an established social norm. If you use this word for these reasons you must look at yourself and rethink yourself.

  • I'm sorry you feel the need to post this.

    Explain to me why you felt the need to post this, it is just plain wrong there is no check list to say, yep this is gay, I can't even comprehend why such a horrific term is used to name people. There is no survey to say yes E.G. 60% of people that watch this show are Gay. To say that is to say you think there are shows that are only for people that have Down syndrome, horrific use of word's.

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GeeWillikers says2014-04-29T22:59:57.257
Well i know people who watch mlp, and theyre not gay. I know that because i hang out with them all the time. Ive watched mlp, im not gay. Maybe other people who watch it are but as far as im concerned, in general, no.
A_Flying_Toaster says2014-04-30T03:47:19.727
Guys, cuteponylove is a user begging for attention via online discussions on "topics" she knows will anger people and feed her attention. Simply look at the user and ignore him or her.