Myspace is your space: Should university admins. be checking profiles for misbehavior?

  • Schools should check social media when there are legitimate concerns

    Schools should be able to access the social media activities of students when there is a compelling interest in maintaining the safety and welfare of the student body. In addition, any time a student is using the school's network to access their accounts, the school should have the right to monitor their activity with a legitimate need. There should be restrictions on who has the right and ability to look at the accounts to avoid the situation where anyone can find anything on anyone.

  • No, Personal Life and Student Life Should be Separate

    The personal profiles should not be monitored by the schools they attend. This is a student's personal space for them to express themselves. If it is a public university, and there is nothing on there that is not threatening to others, than no one should be able to dictate what is posted.

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