N. Korea claims it's bomb can wipe out US: Do you believe these claims?

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  • No just no

    Well the biggest was not even able to wipe out all of the us so what made n.Koria think oh i can just bomb the us and wipe it out IT IS STUPID IT IS UNBELIVABLE AND ITS JUST WRONG SO DONT BELEVE ALL WHAT YOU SEE PEOPLE INTERNET AND PEOPLE LIES

  • N. Korea is not yet able to seriously threaten the US

    N. Korea has worked hard over the past decade to extend its nuclear capability. With the aid of Pakistan, it has made considerable advances. However, it still has yet to develop a reliable and effective long distance delivery system for its nuclear warheads. It has no ballistic missile submarine force, and its inter continental missile systems remain unable to reliably hit targets in North America. Sadly for South Korea, North Korea's weapons systems are designed for intermediate range targets.

  • N. Korea bombs cannot wipe out US

    North Korea is undergoing yet another propaganda campaign to assert its place in the world. While I have no doubt that it possesses a bomb that can cause significant destruction, the U.S. government challenges the magnitude of that power. Even if N. Korea has such capabilities, it has a slim chance of delivering it in the United States.

  • Nobody actually does

    Wipe out the U.S. is a massive overstatement, and I don't think anyone can disagree with that. However, they're an insane, rogue nation that can do significant damage if unchecked. The world needs to come together to depose Kim Jong Un, and China needs to get their stuff together and stop enabling him.

  • No, The Deocratic People's Republic of Korea Is an unreliable source of Information

    The DPRK has a history of using bellicose rhetoric in order to manipulate the international community into giving out humanitarian aid. Experts have met the claims that the seismic activity following the blast was the result a thermonuclear weapon with skepticism. The magnitude of the resulting blast was no larger than that of the DPRK's alleged atomic test in 2013. Thus, it is highly unlikely the DPRK is being honest about the source of the blast.

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