NAFTA: Does NAFTA have strong democratic processes?

  • It may have them

    I think if it is being voted in to effect then it could be safe to say that would be a democratic process and that is not to say it is a bad idea of an agreement but and it should benefit all three countries in a good way financially.

  • Three NAFTA Countries are Strong Democracies

    Canada, Mexico and the United States are all strong democracies in North America. When NAFTA was ratified in the 1990s, it ushered in a new trade zone that saw a lot of American jobs sent to Mexico for cheaper labor. Trade flowed between the partners. Although Mexico has trouble with its drug cartels, the country still elects its government freely just like the United States. Canada has a parliamentary form of government. All three countries have democratic processes, otherwise NAFTA wouldn't have been ratified by Congress.

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