• Yes, squatting could harm people.

    Yes, I believe that squatting can have a negative affect on a family, especially if there are children in the family. When a nanny, or anyone for that matter, is squatting, it takes away from the family and the children. I also believe that it causes stress amongst the family if the squatter is not wanted there.

  • Yes, squatting hurts everyone.

    Yes, squatting hurts everyone. The so-called nanny squatter has no right to stay in the home of her former employers and should leave as soon as possible. She is disrupting their lives for no reason other than to get revenge and publicity. This type of behavior is wrong and should not be tolerated.

  • Yes It Does

    Does squatting physically hurt anyone? No. Does it hurt someone socially, legally or financially? Absolutely. In most cases, squatters are trespassing in some form. They are breaking the law, often damaging property, and pose a huge liability to the property owner.

    In this specific case, the Nanny is living without paying rent or utilities, and costing the home owners. They theoretically are legally bound to treat her as a legal resident, so they must include her in any big decisions on the home at this point. She is hurting their property value, and hindering them from living happily. That hurts.

  • Squat if you want to

    I believe squatting does not hurt anybody. If a home is left unoccupied and uncared for why should it be a problem for someone in need to make use of it. One man's trash is another mans treasure. Squatter should be respectful of the properties they inhabit so that when they leave the home doesnt require costly repairs.

  • No, squatting is not harmful to anyone

    Squatting is not of any harm to anyone. Squatting doesn't have any impact due to the fact that the home that is being occupied is currently in disarray and not being sought after by anyone else. Squatting does not directly harm anyone due to this fact. The home has no real owner and it isn't being used for anything.

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