• Yes, Napoleon was compassionate for his time.

    Yes, Napoleon was a compassionate conqueror. Although he could have treated the countrymen of the lands he conquered harshly, he made sure they could continue with their lives as much as they could. For example, he was tolerant of Islam when he conquered Egypt. This alone exhibits more compassion than many American pundits and commentators.

  • Napolean Bonaparte was a compassionate man

    I believe Napoleon Bonaparte was a compassionate man because in order to build the only way to build loyalty is with compassion. Napoleon had a impressive understanding of how to get larger missions completed by first completing smaller tasks, regardless of your station. He knew that no matter what needed to be done to accomplish his goals, those things needed to be done and the best way to get people to help him, he needed them to know he was in it to the end. The ability to put your pride on hold for the greater good is what builds compassion and great leaderships- both of which he possessed.

  • No, he was not compassionate at all.

    No, Napoleon Bonaparte was not a compassionate man unless the definition of compassion has changed to mean a power-hungry tyrant or a “child of the devil.” An artist depicted him as child of the devil in a picture. It appears that he was a vengeful person who was never satisfied no matter how much power he had or how much he made people suffer for wrongdoings he perceived had been done to him. He certainly wasn't the type to admit any wrongdoings to anyone else. I think it’s safe to say that compassion and empathy were elements that Napoleon lacked.

  • He was a ruthless operator

    Napoleon is often said to be a respectful and compassionate colonialist. However, it would seem that 'compassionate colonialist' is something of an oxymoron. He encouraged his people to be kind and respectful to the traditions of those that they conquered, but they also took their land, subverted and diminished their traditions and exploited their resources. Therefore it would not be correct to say that he was compassionate.

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