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Naruto Vs Luffy Vs Goku Vs Superman Vs One Punch Man

Asked by: TheGamingSenpai
  • One Punch Man!

    He would win easily! Because he can one punch everything he took out a giant with one punh if he can do that he can obvisouly take out every single one of them plus he can move basically at the same speed of goku

    please explain in more details pls

  • No thats ridiculous

    While yes in HIS universe him being him being a gag character he is an amazing fighter but goku out of everyone in this list is the overall better fighter faster than saitama who as a feat ran across the town n maybe the world and was absolutely exhausted goku flew at almost lightspeed across snakeway for days straight and was ready to still fight not to mention he now has god ki, ssgss, ssgss kaioken, ultra instinct, and hakai (that last one being something people like to forget about) and before anyone says "saitama is a gag character so he cant lose" so was areale and i haven't seen her since goku beat her down so in short goku wins and **** superman

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