NASA and Russia: Is it a good idea for NASA to stop working with Russia on most projects?

  • Yes it is.

    If Russia wants to be aggressive like they are right now with Putin as their leader, then I am for any kind of boycott, including the one being done by NASA right now. I have no interest in working with the Russians in any way if they want to behave like this.

  • Nope nope nope nope....So many nopes

    NASA is a scientific endeavor and thus, should be apolitical.

    NASA even said this event wouldn't affect cooperation, and now because Obama is twisting their arm, they have made this choice to stop interaction. Shameful.

    Science is science. It must fiter through lots of biases to get to the truth. Politics should not be one of those barriers.

  • No, I think we would be better off making a joint effort.

    No, I don't believe it is a good idea for NASA to stop working with Russia on most projects. Both Russia and the US have remarkably talented individuals. Scientists tend to be less political and more focused on their projects. By working together, we monitor one another. This gives us general awareness and some control over the outcome.

  • Can the world come together?

    NASA AND Russia, should work together, they can share there opinions about what they feel about something that can be done, to better detect our world as to what's going on with our universe, I mean, the is much man power needed to do so, there is never to much help. Living in our world you never know when we might have to band together, and do something.

  • NASA and Russia should work together on a common goal

    Both Russia and NASA's focus is on space, and the exploration of the galaxy, so I don't undertstand why the two can't work together on all projects. It would mean the money and resources both have can be pooled together, giving both parties the results that they would hope for.

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