NASA Contracts with Boeing: Is private industry the answer to space exploration?

  • Not capitalism in Space

    I support the idea of private companies taking over space exploration, and scoff at the idea that this will introduce capitalism into space. I hate capitalist just as much as the next intellectual, which is why I can notice that the current state of the space industry doesn't have a ton of money to gain. Now it this was a profitable business to be in than I would have to agree to keep capitalism out of it. But I look to innovators like Elon Musk and realize that his plan was not to become a millionaire from putting all of his money (which already made him a millionaire) into SpaceX, it worked out for the best because of help from NASA. If the country gets out of debt which I hope is the secondary focus, after the climate, then I would say that NASA take back up its place at the top, but until then I think that NASA has to remain partnering with other businesses. I do not support in any way NASA going away, I just think that they have a very bright future in the way of assisting and working hand-in-hand with private industries with goals similar to NASA's.

  • Yes. Private industry is the answer to space exploration.

    The Government has made it clear it no longer wants to fund a lot of research into space exploration. The uses of the money are going other places. Why not fund it privately? I believe space still needs to be explored and learned from and if the only way we are going to get to do that is from the private sector than we should.

  • Private Industry is the answer

    Private Industry is the answer to space exploration. This is because no matter what the ships or crafts are to be bought, they are always bought from private contractors. There is no getting away from that. The private industry sells these air crafts to the government, so they will always be involved.

  • Private industry WIll Head Space Exploration

    NASA will never again be funded highly enough to go it alone in space exploration. Increasingly NASA will have to enter partnerships with private industry to move forward with space exploration. It will remain to be seen whether private industry decides to become the senior partner or even go solo in the future.

  • Yes I agree that private industry is the answer to space exploration.

    While the contract that NASA signed with Boeing may not the in the best interests of the United States' space plans. The development and funding of private industry is the answer to space exploration. The US cannot continue to fund space exploration as non-profit enterprise of the federal government. By allowing private industry to run it as a profit based business need can be met without increasing the deficit of the federal budget.

  • Look at all the spam on the left

    A bunch of spam votes. Even if I didn't think private industry would exploit space exploration, I would vote NO just to offset the spam.

    Look at each post, the cadence and the words chosen. These are votes by the same person. At least 3 of them are.

    There's no honesty on this site, and no honor among anonymous posters.

  • Oh god no..

    Oh god please no..

    Imagine having a capitalist system in space?
    " Oh, out of air? That will be 20,000 credits. No credits? Have a good day. "

    All that needs to happen is a public focus on Space Exploration.
    For example, the space race that happened between the US and the USSR.
    However, I would prefer a cooperative rather then competitive, both would convince the public to look up at the stars.

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Comrade_Silly_Otter says2014-09-17T17:52:49.300
God damn I do not want Capitalism in space!
Christ that is a dystopia to me!

" Oh? Out of oxygen? That'll be 20,000.. Don't got it? Well have a good day "