• Space research is not even a government function.

    Yet $19,000,000,000,000 will be taken from taxpayers this year by them to do just this. It's cool though, we can always just go f*** ourselves.

    And for that, I just want to congratulate NASA for putting a man on the moon - not that I ever cared whether they did or not cause nothing's there anyway, it is still a fun fact. Also for the comfort of tempurpedic mattresses - memory foam was supposedly founded by them.

  • It has to be done

    Whether you like it or not if u want the human race to live for ever then the only way that can be done is to leave the planet. Every Time NASA and other space programs make new thing that will help us better understand space it will make it much easier to help us leave this planet when the time comes. Because face it we can't stay on earth for ever!

  • Education, and Science are what we need more of

    NASA does not only do the headlined space explorations. Its an all around amazing program and I'm so proud we have it in America. If we need to cut costs that much, I think it should be done by streamlining the government programs and making a commitment to reduce our foreign military presence over time. We should be focusing on our own problems right now anyway.

  • NASA is awesome

    Even though NASA appears to drain money from the US, its discoveries are amazing. I am always fascinated to hear what new thing that NASA has discovered. Not to mention, there is so much more mystery in space and maybe one day NASA will discover something and make trillions, but until then I think they are OK to continue to be a money pit.

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