NASA discovers 715 new planets. Will humans ever travel to other inhabitable planets?

  • Yes, I think humans will travel to inhabitable planets.

    I think it is only inevitable as our space exploration technology advances to a point where we launch a human to an uninhabitable planet, I think it will mark a great achievement for humanity when we can do that and I do believe the willpower is there but we can't do it with our current technology.

  • Humans will travel to other inhabitable planets.

    Eventually there will be enough scientific curiosity to send team(s) out to other inhabitable planets. We need to make large strides in the condition of space travel, or have a fundamental breakthrough in transportation methods to be able to reach these distant planets. Only time will tell how soon we are able to make the trip, but if we don't blow ourselves up first we will make the trip.

  • Yes, humans will travel to other inhabitable planets.

    I think that humans will eventually travel to other inhabitable planets in our Universe. I think that while we do not have the technology to do so right now, we will soon. I think that science advances at a great rate. And it will only be a matter of time till we are sending space ships to other planets.

  • Will power can drive man anywhere.

    The human will is capable of achieving anything. Man has always been inventing new and innovative ways to trave from point A to point B in reduction of time it normally takes, so yes, I do believe we'll reach the technology to travel from Earth to a another planet(hopefully inhabited with intellectual beings or mongols we can enslave to do our dishes.)

  • We can do anythang

    Humans have been constantly setting goals and shattering them. When JFK stated he would put a man on the moon before the end of the 60s, he carried out on that promise. True, there are much more limitation when talking about traveling to places much further than the moon, but NASA themselves have stated that humans should be able to travel to Mars soon.

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  • They are too far away

    Humans are literally light years away from other inhabitable planets, and by current scientific estimation there does not exist any intelligible signs of life or potential to harbor human life on these planets. If they did it would be a suicide mission that the astronauts would never come back from.

  • Yes some day

    I do think that we will continue to progress in the space technology field and will be able to send humans to explore inhabitable planets in the future. I don't think we will ever find a way to live on them but we will at least be able to explore them.

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