NASA discovers Earth-sized planets around other stars: Do you think life might exist on these "Earth twins"?

  • It is possible

    The universe is too huge. The possibilities are infinite. The universe has been around for 13.7 billion years. Life is so vast on the earth, can it not be vast in the rest of the universe? 137 billion years is a long time and there are billions stars out there. Although we may not want to run into other intelligent life, it seems like it would be a good idea to admit the possibility of life on these earth twins.

  • Other Life Forms

    Despite looking at other galaxies, I personally feel that when all of these planets came into existence, Earth just could not the only planet that could contain life. There just has to be, we are just not equipped to travel as far to see if the theory's are really truthful/

  • It would be strange if it didn't.

    In this universe we find ourselves in, we know that things don't come in ones. There are people other than ourselves. The planet is one of 8 others in the solar system. There are 300 billion other solar systems in the galaxy . There are 100 billion other galaxies in the universe. And the universe itself might be one among many. It seems improbable that we would happen to exist in a gigantic universe where only one tiny planet has managed to produce life.

  • It's entirely possible.

    Many have said that the chances of the events that gave rise to life on earth repeating elsewhere are very slim. In terms of numbers that humans are used to thinking in (tens, hundreds, thousands, even millions), this is true. But "slim chance" over billions of years is a different game than "slim chance" over thousands or millions. If I play the lottery everyday for a year, I probably won't win. If I were to live to play it everyday for a million years and it were around, I probably would. Time makes all possible things happen. The age of the universe, 13.8 billion years, is such a long time that it's difficult for creatures that live roughly one hundred years to appreciate. It is entirely possible that on some other planet, the conditions that lead to life on Earth occurred and that the environment has heretofore been just survivable enough for that life to exist right now.

  • Life could exist elsewhere in the Universe.

    The Universe as we understand it, is incredibly vast. Humans, animals, life as we know it, and even the Earth itself represent such a tiny corner of the universe, that it becomes reasonable to believe that there may be all of the necessary ingredients elsewhere to support some kind of life. Despite our knowledge, we still understand very little about how life is formed. Since what we don't know outweighs what we do, it seems unreasonable and arrogant to believe that this location is the only place in the universe that can possibly support sentient life.

  • Yes, life could exist but how would we get there

    Don't get too excited. 186f is very far away (500 light-years). If we could travel at the speed of light (a speed that is so fast, that if we could attain it, we could orbit the Earth about 8 times in one second) which we cannot, it would still take us 500 years to get there (and another 500 years to get back). So, we are still, pretty much, alone for all intents and purposes.

  • Life is not unique to Earth.

    If all the ingredients are present, and the conditions are conducive, then there is no reason why life cannot emerge on these distant "sister planets". Since biologists and other scientists know all the criteria for life to exist, but, as of yet, do not know exactly how life started, there could be a range of circumstances that could spawn life in a myriad of different foreign environments. Having all the characteristics of a planet that is similar to ours just hedges the bet that life can exist outside of our solar system.

  • It can but probably is not true.

    From the 1960s we have had movies about extraterrestrials and space travel from Star Trek to Star Wars. We have succeeded in space exploration with Voyager in the 1970s and with Neil Armstrong landing on the moon but we don't have exact proof other life exists. We can say that the planet CAN sustain life but do you think there are "Vulcan's" "Romulans or even "Wookies" or anything like them on the planets. Like I said we have waited for curious life forms to prove themselves since the 1900s but they haven't. So that's why I say it can sustain but doesn't contain.

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