NASA: Last Month was Earth's hottest in recorded history. Do you think global warming is real?

  • Yes, Global warming may be real.

    Global warming - climate change - may very well be real. Data shows that the Earth has been warming in recent years. However, 40 years ago, data showed that the Earth was cooling. In fact, the Earth has gone through many warming periods and ice ages throughout its long history. Therefore, the question should be, is human activity contributing to global warming and climate change?

  • Global warming is real

    Yes, global warming is real. It is hard to deny that the Earth is getting hotter, that ice caps are melting, or that water levels are rising. The science is real. It seems the real reason people doubt global warming is not about the scientific proof, but rather the consequences and responsibilities that arise when we acknowledge global warming.

  • Global warming is real

    Global warming is real. Over 97% of scientists believe it is real, and last month was Earth's hottest in recorded history. In fact, each year has been warmer than the last. Data has shown an acceleration in temperatures that cannot be explained by just the natural cycle. Those scientists that don't believe in global warming have seen their ideas dismissed in the scientific community.

  • Warming is cyclical.

    I do not think that global warming is a big problem. I think that it's something that was invented by politicians who want us to be distracted from the other real, very important issues out there. The earth's climate changes in cycles. We were just talking about how last winter was the coldest on record in some places, so it doesn't make sense.

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