NASA Launches Carbon Satellite: Should NASA spends its resources combating global warming?

  • Yes they should

    When you are capable of fighting global warming, you should. What NASA needs to do is keep the information updated with carbon-sensing satellites and the like. Global warming will only get worse if administrations such as NASA do nothing about it. It is a sincere issue, and needs all the help it can get.

  • Yes they should

    Since the NASA Space Shuttle program has been shut done, combating global warning is probably the most effective use of their immense knowledge power and resources. Global warming and climate change are real issues that we will need solutions for and NASA is a great platform to study and figure out what to do.

  • Yes, NASA should spend resources and money against global warming.

    Though it is denied by many the world over, global climate change is a very real problem, and we run the risk of losing a great deal if we respond to it too late. NASA has a great deal of both money and human capital, and they would be remiss if they did not turn some of their scientific research toward solving this global issue.

  • Yes, NASA should combat global warming.

    Yes, I believe that NASA should utilize resources to combat global warming. Some people do not think that global warming is a real issue, but a majority of people are frightened by global warming. There are signs of global warming that increase over the years. It should be a priority to combat global warming and protect the Earth we live on.

  • Research in all fields required

    I feel that the work NASA currently does is important. Just as all scientific research is important. We have limited understanding of planets and we lack the capability to utilise them. In the grand scheme of things, we are one planet. Understanding and attempting to travel to other planets may well prove to be a vital form of survival in the future.

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