NASA saucer to Mars: Would you fly on the first manned mission to Mars?

  • Yes, of Course

    Well, not exactly, I've got a family to think about, but absent those responsibilities, I would love to be a part of such an enterprise. It would be uncharted territory in the most real way imaginable; what an opportunity! Not to mention that you would be in the history books.

  • I can't explain it, but I find something to be sickening about this place. (probably hip hop)

    I feel like the world has too many problems for me to solve, or anyone for that matter. And I always loved outer space more than Earth. But, since I have ADD, only if they had a way to keep me from getting dangerously bored on the journey. Unfortunately, the IDIOTS that run the United States of America don't realize the value of space exploration.

  • Yes, being on the first manned mission to Mars is a great way to be immortalized

    Yes, I would fly on the first manned mission to Mars. Humankind has always sought new frontiers an new spaces. Moreover, humankind has made a point to remember those that were the first to arrive at those frontiers. There is no better way to immortalize yourself and demonstrate the human spirit than to be the first to a new place.

  • No, I would not like to be on the first manned mission to Mars.

    While I agree that a manned mission to Mars is a wonderful and awesome event to look forward to in humanity's near future, I would absolutely not consider accompanying the first few brave souls to such a barren and distant planet. I love the Earth and would feel alone and terrified to be so far away from all of the life here. I am content to remain home on Earth and learn through the experiences of those who would risk such an adventure, and I commend their courage.

  • No, I would not fly to Mars.

    Although I think there may be people on Earth appropriate to take this trip, there is no way I would want to go. Space travel can be very dangerous; statistically it is too risky for me to consider, as I have young children. Also, a flight to Mars would be long, and I am claustrophobic and would likely be very unhappy aboard the spacecraft.

  • No, I would not fly on the first manned mission to Mars.

    I would not fly on a first manned mission to Mars. As with many firsts, the chance of failure is highest. Even for such a feat as travel to Mars, my life is not a risk I am willing to take. There is also the issue of the lengthy span of time that such a trip would entail. I would not want to be separated from Earth, my family, and friends for that amount of time.

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