Nate Diaz is complaining he is not receiving as much money as he should from UFC 202. Will the UFC ever be a big money sport?

  • Yes, the UFC will be a big money sport.

    I am foreseeing a future where the Ultimate Fighting Championship gains ground. It is only recently that some states are even legalizing the sport. As that flow continues it will grow in popularity. People love violence and danger as long as they are watching it instead of being placed in harm's way themselves.

  • No, I believe that any sport can be a big money sport.

    I believe that with anything, with proper marketing and advertisement you can have a profitable sport, or business. I think that just because he may not be receiving what he thinks he should be right now, does not mean that it won't turn around a month from now. It could just be bad timing.

  • No, not any time soon.

    While the UFC is growing in popularity it is not likely that the UFC will be a big money sport any time in the near future. Soccer is a fast growing sport that is more popular that UFC fighting and it has taken decades for this sport to take any kind of real hold.

  • UFC steadily losing viewers

    The UFC is a somewhat popular sport, but is waning in popularity. The paychecks of participates is dependent on the number of fans. Just as bowling was once a highly poplar activity and brought in a lot of money, the UFC is losing fans. With more people turning away from violent sports, it is unlikely to ever be a big money sport.

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