National biometric ID cards: Are biometric national ID cards a good idea?

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  • Biometric ID Cards Bad Idea

    No, National biometric identification cards are not a good idea because not every citizen should be forced to carry identification at all times. In addition, having such biometric information on hand at any time is a gross violation of a citizen's right to privacy. Indeed, such ID cards are a terrible idea.

  • I do not beleive the natural biometric id card system is a good idea, It will limit our freedom with very little positive benfit.

    I believe if we institute a national biometric id card program it will be used to limit our freedom in the name of making us "safer" without delivering. The government has shown time and time again in recent years that our best interest is not in there best interest. The constitution holds little weight anymore our government eavesdrops on us without showing cause and with no interest in checks and balances, our president lies to usrepeatedly without even breaking a sweat. All the biometric id card system will do is make it easier for big brother to watch and track our every move.

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