National DNA database: Does DNA databasing uphold the privacy of citizens?

  • DNA databasing upholds citizen privacy.

    There is no way that the collection of DNA from citizens could be a bad thing. It is just another way to of finding out who you are and in no way interferes with our lives. It could also prove to be beneficial because if there is ever a situation where someone might be hiding who they are or someone can not be identified by normal means, then the DNA can be used to do just that. As long as it does not involve our private lives, this type of collection does not interfere with our privacy.

  • It wrong because we need privacy

    It wrong because we need privacy, if we have no privacy, then we are a open book. Also people can steal your identity. We are all human so we need space. If people want to know, about me I wou tell them if I want. Not to go in a database and see all my personal information.

  • No reason for dna databases.

    There is no reason to maintain DNA databases. Where it is acceptable to process DNA for genetic testing or to analyze a crime scene, the average person does not belong in a DNA database. Unless you have a criminal history, it is a violation of privacy for anyone to hold onto such information. If one is a criminal, they have given up their right to privacy and all bets are off.

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