National DNA database: Should governments create a DNA database of all citizens?

  • I was rape

    Im male and i was rape it fun hope for justice but never getting it. The monster is somewhere out on the streets i do not how many people his has rape. I do anything get off the street even give my dna to the governments. If it stop one rape.

  • Why do they need it

    I feel the government shouldnt have our dna in a database because not everyone is a criminal so why have those who dont commit crimes in a dna database , but the criminals should have their dna in a database so they can be tracked to any crime they commit

  • No, that is an invasion of privacy.

    No, the government should not create a DNA database of all citizens, because that would be an invasion of privacy without any just cause. That would be similar to living in a police state. A person should have to commit a crime because the government can take their DNA. Otherwise, it is not a free country.

  • A DNA database of all citizens is an invasion of privacy.

    The government should not create a DNA database of all citizens. Such a database would be a violation of privacy and easily susceptible to abuse by the government. DNA should only be collected from convicted criminals in case they reoffend. There is no reason the government should have access to the DNA of the general population.

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