National Dog Day: Should there be an actual holiday to celebrate dogs?

  • I need more beer, so yes:

    In America the only reason not to work towards the American dream is a holiday so the more holidays there are the more I can not work. I am all for this "Dog Day" as man's best friend is also my best friend if I can have the day off.

  • People love them.

    Since a lot of people love their dogs more than they love their family members, there should be a national dog day. It is also a good way to raise awareness about dogs. It is a good way to remind people to keep their dogs on leashes and keep them from attacking others.

  • Celebrating National Dog Day

    Yes, there should be an actual holiday or Dog Day. A day in the year to celebrate the man`s best friend and show love and affection to the beloved dogs. The Dog Day celebrations could encourage foster care for dogs, better care for the pets and not lastly be a nice occasion to spend in the park with the entire family.

  • There's no need for it to be a "national holiday."

    Besides, people can celebrate, adore, and appreciate lovely animals every day of the week, can't they? Start now. Care for them now if you want. No one is banning that.
    There are more actual important things that deserve a national day of recognition. Dogs are great! But this is... Overboard.

  • National Dog Day- Keep it to Social Media

    We love our dogs. For many people, dogs are four-legged family members. And like family members, we love to show them off to our friends and family, especially on social media. However, to create an actual holiday to celebrate dogs is going too far. And it opens a can of worms. Speaking of which, establishing National Dog Day Holiday could lead to Wonderful World of Worms Day, Stinky Skunk Day, etc.

  • No, it is not needed

    I think this is ridiculous and the more and more they make everything under the sun a National Holiday, it takes importance away from the actual National Holidays. Next they will want a National Holiday for every pet or they will feel there is discriminated against. I find it is making important days like Labor and Memorial Day a joke.

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