National Donut Day: Should such an unhealthy food be given a day of celebration?

  • I say, why not?

    When it comes such an unhealthy food actually given a day of celebration, I ask myself, why not? Saint Patrick's day is a huge for alcohol, and people always want to go out and drink. With that in mind, I personally see absolutely nothing wrong with people craving a donut or two.

  • Yes, because health management is a matter of overall perspective and not individual foods

    Doughnuts, by their very nature, are unhealthy; by the same token, so are most pastries. Celebrating an individual food does not promote unhealthy lifestyles, nor would banning Doughnut Day encourage healthier lifestyles. Dietary changes are managed through fundamental lifestyle changes, not by removing or challenging the consumption of individual food items.

  • No, I Don't See Any Good in National Donut Day

    This year national donut day fell on the same day as D-Day. I think it was very disrespectful to take the spotlight off of the men that fought and died for this country, and directing some people's attention on junk foods. There is no reason to celebrate junk food, this is why there is an obesity epidemic in this country.

  • Donuts don't deserve a day of their own!

    In fact no food product deserves a day of its own! Special days should be reserved to celebrate events or people but not food products! Especially donuts which cannot be said to have any nutritional value. They cannot even be held up as a example of industry in the way that fruit, vegetables or even bread could be held up as a tribute to the farming industry. Donuts may be iconically American but don't deserve to be celebrated!

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