National firearms registry: Is a firearms registry consistent with individual rights?

  • Yes it is.

    A national firearms registry would not infringe upon an individuals rights based on the Second Amendment. It only states that people have the right to bear arms. It doesn't say anything about how these arms can be restricted or regulated. People would still be able to own and use guns if they are on the registry.

  • Unarmed People Don't Shot People, People with Guns Do!

    A person's possession of a gun is a serious responsibility. All guns are a potential danger to the public. Cars also should be handled responsibility and pose a real danger to the public. Our laws do not allow people to purchase automobiles and drive them without registering them. Even though a car is a much more benign possession than a gun is, cars have to be registered. The sole purpose of a car is transportation. The killing incidents with cars are, for the most part accidental. And yet cars are required to be registered due to the potential seriousness of a driving mishap. Why then should a GUN, which is used only for defense, offense, and deadly aggression, not be required to be registered with the government its owner? Maybe the government should institute a requirement for gun insurance, in addition to registration. Gun insurance should probably be more expensive than car insurance because the threat is greater.

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