National firearms registry: Is a national firearms registry a good idea?

  • No Confusion at all

    Police will be able to recover guns at a crime scene. This way, Police will not incorrectly think that someone else is in keeping of a gun at crime scene. In this way, No innocent person will be accused of a gun crime for any reason at all for anything.

  • A national firearms registery is a good idea.

    By en stating a nation firearms registry it would allow for a more complete and competent database of those who own or can own a gun. It would allow easier tracking and make it simpler to find a person who might have used a gun in a violent crime in order to help police investigate certain crimes easier.

  • A national firearms registry is irrelevant to the problem.

    A national firearms registry make attempt to make things more organized, however, that is not going to solve the problem we have with gun violence in America, or anywhere else. I think that our governments should be more concerned with considering a national firearms ban, which would probably cut taxes, but unless they want to see the violence continue, less firearms - less violence.

  • Registration does nothing

    If the police need to find someone through their gun, they will call manufacturer and find out what gun shop received the firearm. They will get a warrant and the gun shop will give them your info. Registration is used to confuse the masses into thinking police cannot find people without it. The truth is registration is the first step to confiscation. They will slowly start taking guns away. Felons are not going to register of course. Six months after registration they will start taking away the guns of people with misdemeanors. This is currently happening in New York. Then anyone who owes some form of taxes. Anytime police question you, they will ask if you have a weapon, then say they need to take it to the station to run it through the system to make sure its registered. You will ask for a receipt but they will tell you that they don't need to provide you one. That gun will disappear.

  • That's a horrible idea

    The government doesn't need to know what type of gun everyone has. It makes it easier for them to take away guns. It's a bad idea as it's not gonna work considering how many gun owners there are in America. Keep in mind that only some gun owners are responsible for our gun violence problem. Most gun owners are not responsible and they should not be punished for what they didn't do.

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