National Front party seeks Russian loan: Should foreign countries finance political campaigns?

  • Yes, foreign countries should be able to finance political campaigns.

    I believe that a foreign country would not invest it's monetary support into a political campaign unless it fully agreed with such campaign's policies. In my opinion, the foreign company would most likely retain it's funds for it's own use if it did not have high regards for the campaign seeking it's assistance.

  • No, foreign countries should not finance political campaigns.

    Countries should not fund political parties located in other countries. By receiving foreign aid, the motives of these political parties come into question. It also paints the funding country in a negative light. Citizens might see this funding from a foreign entity as an attempt undermine and weaken their political system

  • I really don't think anyone should be taking loans at this point.

    Right now, mostly everyone is in debt and the last thing that anyone needs is more debt. I think that Russia should deny their request and I think that they should not have asked to begin with. Alongside that, I don't think foreign countries should get involved with other country's politics.

  • This a recipe for corruption.

    France has a chequered past when it comes to allowing foreign governments to fund individual political parties. The problem with this situation is that it creates the obligation of patronage and the potential for a government to at least appear compromised, such as Sarkozy and his alleged dealings with Gaddafi. A political party symbolically indebted to a foreign government cannot be trusted to act without corruption in their dealings with that other government which is not in keeping with the national interest.

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