• Ice Cream Rocks!

    I Almost Always Have Ice Cream On Special Days, like Ice Cream On Things Like Root Beer Floats. They Are Very Yummy And I Would Give The Makers A Thumbs Up On It. ... I Have Nothing Else To Say About Ice Cream But I Need More Words So... Yay

  • A Delicious Reason to Celebrate

    It doesn't matter if National Ice Cream Day is a marketing tool for dessert companies. It's always nice to have a good reason to eat ice cream. I celebrated with homemade, delicious mango-lime ice pops. It's always fun to have a celebration, and National Ice Cream Day is no different.

  • No. No I Did Not

    I did not know when national Ice Cream Day was, now that I do, I will next year. I feel left out of the world wide ice cream eating festivities that could have inspired me to change the world with just one amazing taste of superior ice cream, well damn,

  • There's a national Ice Cream Day?

    I didn't even know that existed lol. Why do we need a day for ice cream though? Many people live their lives eating ice cream on the regular. Is this day supposed to be special? Or is it just a nod from America to ice cream? What are you supposed to even do?

  • No, I did not.

    I think all of the international days of different foods are really dumb. This nation has a problem with obesity as it is and doesn't need another reason to chow down on unhealthy foods. I think it's okay if some days are just normal and don't have any reason to celebrate anything special.

  • No, I will not.

    I won't celebrate only because I don't have any. I like the idea though. Ice cream is always a good treat. It is easy to eat and good for almost everyone. I like chocolate and many other flavors even though I don't eat it very much I like it a lot.

  • Record cold front in my area, entirely due to the polar vortex.

    Thanks global warming, for making ice cream day too cold for ice cream.

    In all honesty though, I didn't realize it was a thing. I will endeavor to make waves on social media next year, perhaps get a national ice cream day charity drive going.

    Is there a national yogurt day too?

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