National lotteries: Should national lotteries be abolished?

  • Society becomes materialistic.

    Day by Day people become greedy and have unlimited wants that is they developed a pattern of overspending and soon a debt culture finds its way in the society. Even children are getting wrong role models. They are not getting a good culture. There will be a lot of change in values and culture.

  • No, many lotteries help to support projects that need funding.

    The money spent by lotteries are used to fund specially approved legislator projects. This money helps provide funding to projects that would otherwise not have the money to operate. Some of these projects include helping wildlife and the environment. The special natural resources fund helps keep federal parks in natural order.

  • No, national lotteries raise significant funds.

    No, national lotteries should not be abolished, because they raise a lot of money for their governments. Participating in a lottery is voluntary. Because people do not have to participate, it is more or less a way to pay a voluntary tax to the government, although some people are paid in return. If people choose to participate, they should be allowed to.

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