National parks offer free admission on Martin Luther King Jr. Day: Was MLK worthy of a national holiday?

  • MLK is worthy of a national holiday

    Martin Luther King was at the forefront of the Civil Rights movement and his untimely death was a tragedy of huge proportions. It is fitting that a national holiday bearing his name is observed in America. If Dr. King's teachings were followed more closely this country would be a much better place.

  • MLK is as worthy of a national holiday as any great leader

    Martin Luther King had a profound influence on the civil rights movement. His attitude was one of peace and one of strength. He and his followers used peaceful means to bring about change even when faced with harsh, unfair treatment and cruelty. In the end, Martin Luther King died for his beliefs.

  • Yes, he was deserving

    Martin Luther King was definitely deserving of a national holiday. He was a hero of the civil rights movement and died as a result of his social justice activism. He was an inspiration to many people of different races all over the world, and he should definitely be remembered and honored with a holiday.

  • Yes, Martin Luther King was a cultural symbol deserving of a national holiday.

    Martin Luther King, Jr. was a leader of the civil rights movement who lost his life doing what he believed in. He was devoted to making the world a more accepting place. People differ in opinions on the amount of good Martin Luther King Jr. achieved in his life, but for many he is a cultural symbol and a reminder of the fight for equal rights. As such, MLK, I believe, is a national personality and deserving of a memorial holiday.

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