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National Security Adviser under scrutiny for ties to Russia: Do most of Trump's nominees have ties to Russia?

  • Yes, many Trump nominees have ties to Russia.

    Yes, many of President Trump's nominees have ties to Russia. However, this is not necessarily a bad thing. The two largest military powers on earth do not want to go to war with each other--no one in the world should want these to countries to go to war. War makes you poor! Therefore, the fact that Trump's appointments have such close ties to Russia might be a good thing for relations between the two nations.

  • There are too many.

    There are quite a few Trump nominees that have ties to Russia, but with so many nominees, it's unfair to say that most of them do. It makes sense that the people who will work with policies that relate to Russia have ties to Russia. That means that they understand what's going on there.

  • Most of Trump's nominees do not have ties to Russia

    Most of Trump's nominees do not have ties to Russia, and the narrative around this is for all intents and purposes, silly. That's how it is going to be for hte next four years? With Obama, it was cry racism. With Trump it is going to be Russia? Really? People...grow up.

  • No, most of the nominees do not have ties to Russia

    The cabinet nominees for Trump are not all tied to Russia, but it is concerning that the secretary of state position to be filled by Tillerson is causing conflicts already. Tillerson was well known in his prior Exxon role for courting business in Russia. The other nominees seem to be wealthy elite Americans.

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