Nationwide rates of homelessness declined 2% in the last year: can homelessness be eliminated in the near future?

  • Involuntary homelessness can be easily eliminated

    Simple. Give them homes. Then there's no more homelessness.

    They don't have to be great homes. Just small apartments.

    We should also limit welfare to a card that can be used to get a certain number of limited items and that's it.

    A social safety net so survival is free but you still have to earn a living.

  • Homelessness can be eliminated

    For homelessness to be eliminated in the near future several factors would have to come together in a joint effort to eliminate homelessness. First you would have to have a way to support the poor and downtrodden with jobs that they could do from their homes. Second the government would have to step in and supply sub-standard dwellings for the past homeless to live in. Third comes family to help facilitate the transition.

  • Homelessness may soon be a thing of the past.

    Homelessness, and poverty in general, have declined steadily over the last few decades. In some states homelessness has gone down much more than 2%. It is good for every member of society for homelessness to be wiped out. When people have a safe place to live they are more likely to become contributing members of society. They are less likely to become criminals. Providing homeless people with housing makes the world better for all of us.

  • Homelessness Will Always Be Part of the Human Spirit

    Like it or not, for some people, homelessness is a choice. For these people, if you gave them a home, gave them a job to sustain the home, they would walk away from the job and the home, in exchange for living on the streets. Because of this alone, homelessness will never be eliminated. However, if we alter the question and say involuntary homelessness can be eliminated, the answer would still be no. Unless we are willing as a country to provide a home for all Americans, like healthcare, and are willing to pay the cost of this, homelessness will always exist. However, where would it end? Before long, there is no reason for me to work, and the entire American free market system comes crashing down. The government pays for my house, my healthcare, my food. Oh, wait, I need a new outfit. Let's have the government subsidize that too. Our free market system requires that there be haves and have nots, but that opportunities are available for people to move between socioeconomic levels.

  • No.Can homelessness be eliminated?

    Homelessness cannot be completely eliminated due to increasing number of prostitution in various countries leading to homeless children.Again lack of family planning leading to increased population leads to the same state of dillema not forgetting wars among people that leads to displacement of people from their homes.
    Therefore with NGO"s supporting various aids it still cannot eradicate it completely.

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