Native Americans crave Internet access: Should broadband companies spend the money to connect sparse communities?

  • Native Americans Internet

    Yes broadband should make the effort to spend money to connect sparse communities. Everyone deserves to have access to the Internet. If their are customers willing to pay for their product they should make the effort to sell it to them. There are too many things happening on the Internet today to not be able to have access.

  • Yes, everyone should have access to afordable internet

    Yes, broadband companies should spend money to connect sparse communities. I believe that Internet access should be considered a right, not a privilege. Smaller communities would benefit from the connections to the outside world, the knowledge, and the opportunities the internet provides. Companies would only benefit from adding new customers and sources of customers, so it would be in their best interest to provide connections to smaller communities.

  • It is uneconomic.

    I do not think that Broadband companies should have to spend money to connect up sparse communities. This would have to be paid for by someone, and they would have to pass on the cost to their other customers. This would be unfair, and also potentially price out those companies who are required to provide the sparse communities connection.

  • No they should not.

    While in the world of technology it seems virtually impossible to live without but at the same time it is still quite new and from a business stand point, I do not see it being a profitable judgement move right now. I do however, see it to be a future opportunity.

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