Native American's Lack Internet Access: Should the U.S. government step in and fund the solution?

  • We took their land.

    After taking America from the Natives and giving them just pieces of the land that we stole, I believe we should do quite a bit for them. I know we give them some special rights and privelages, but would it really hurt the U.S. Government to supply them with internet services? I think not.

  • Native American Reservations Should Lobby for Internet Access

    The solution to Internet access on Native American Indian reservations must be met by lobbying by those jurisdictions. Coming to legal agreement between U.S. Federal law and Tribal law, will provide the rule foundation for a policy on communications trade and consumer purchase of satellite telecommunications infrastructure, bound by security criteria imposed by reservation oversight. At this time, cell phone and wireless Internet access is forbade on Native American Indian reservations for purposes of privacy protections. If change should be enacted into federal law, it must be sourced in demand for those Internet services by reservations. At such time, request for Congressional allocations for installation of remote ground station infrastructure and towers required for transmission of wireless services could be initiated.

  • Yes the U.S Government should fund the Native Americans lack of internet access.

    Yes I believe that the U.S government should fund the Native Americans lack of Internet access. i believe this because originally America belonged to the Native Americans, so technically they sort of own part of the American land. Natives also went through many hardships throughout U.S history, so i believe the U.S gov. Should fund their lack of Internet access.

  • Are you kidding me?

    Really? Several people don't have internet access from their home, and you think the Government should step up and pay for it? This is ludicrous! If the Native Americans seriously wanted more Internet Access that bad, they would pay a company to come out and set up a telecommunication station. And since they haven't, why are you demanding it for them? And who in their right mind would argue "We took their land, so we should give them internet?"

  • No, they shouldn't

    I think the internet providers should be the ones funding the solution and not the US government. I would not oppose the government forcing the companies to find a way to get reservations internet service especially the ones that have schools, but i don't think the government should be paying.

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