NATO expansion: Is Georgia a good candidate for membership in NATO?

  • Georgia needs a chace to be part of the alliance

    NATO is a large institution and Georgia is a small country. Gorgia can contribute much to NATO with its membership - one example being its role in supervising the process set in hand at the Bucharest Summit. Georgia’s reform efforts make this country highly qualifying for the membership in NATO.

  • NATO: Georgia a candiiate.

    I personally think that Georgia is not a good candidate for membership in NATO because Georgia is already a congress state and to consider NATO could make it worst within the state. I personally think that NATO could affect Georgia in a not so good way. I personally think that Georgia being a southern state could in the long run affect that state.

  • Georgia can't join (at least for now).

    Any state that has an unresolved conflict with a neighbouring state or is in a state of civil war cannot join nato. This is part of the nato charter and requirements for membership. This ofcourse is in reference to Abkhazia and South Ossetia. The reason for that is to prevent existing nato members from being pulled into a pre-existing and hot conflict. The same ofcourse goes for the Ukraine. Russia is well aware of this, and as such - it is largely part of the Russian strategy.

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