Natural gas: Does natural gas drilling/extraction/use jeopardize ecosystems?

  • Gas drilling is hazardous.

    Natural gas drilling does jeopardize ecosystems. All of the oil spills that have occurred have been due to natural gas drilling. It is harmful to our water, our environment, as well as animals who live in water. I feel bad for our ecosystems to have to suffer through the gas drilling.

  • Natural gas and all petroleum extraction carries risks to ecosystems

    While it is the cleanest burning of all the fossil fuels, natural gas has exacted a terrible price on some communities in which it is produced. The biggest mystery for me though, is that we are fraking the Earth in places like New York, Pennsylvania, and Wyoming, but burning off billions of dollars worth of free flowing natural gas from the oil fields in North Dakota. With such a finite resource, that can harm communities water supplies when forcefully extracted, I find it unfathomable that we are wasting gas that is a bi-product on an already ongoing petroleum project!

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