Natural gas: Is natural gas economically superior?

  • Yes, Natural Gas Is Cheap and Clean

    For the United States, natural gas is economically ideal. It is found right here at home, so our
    dollars don’t flow out of the country to buy it. It is far less polluting than coal, so we do not face the health care costs incurred by places like China, where they are forced to burn coal because it is virtually the only usable fuel they have. Our supplies of natural gas will last for decades with modern recovery techniques. They’ll provide a low cost, economically sound transition as we switch to still more modern renewable fuels.

  • The air quality

    I would go against this statement because I do believe that over the past years, decades, etc, it has slowly ruined our air quality. In reference to vehicles, heat and air, machinery, appliances, and whatever natural gas would provide in running these things, it proves to most people that natural gas is mostly for marketing and political purposes. Not only for those two reasons, but for the reasons of pollution and our air quality. Air quality is the most important in my disagreeing factor. Time has proven that natural gas has definitely polluted our nation and the world.

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