Natural gas vehicles: Do natural gas vehicles help cut emissions, fight global warming?

  • Yes, they are greener.

    Yes, natural gas vehicles help cut emissions and fight global warming, because they are much cleaner and pollute less than a vehicle that runs on oil. Anyone who has stood in the garage while the car was running for five seconds knows how bad a car emits when it runs on oil. A natural gas car is at least an improvement.

  • Natural Gas: An Eco-Friendly Aternative to Gas-Guzzling Motor Cars

    Global warming affects us all and has become a major environmental concern over the past 100 years, since the invention of the first gasoline automobile. Pollutant emissions caused by the burning of gasoline- a refinement of crude oil- have made their way to the upper atmosphere and chemically bonded with oxygen atoms in a damaging combination to natural ozone, a layer that protects the air supply on Earth. Natural gas produces fewer emissions, cutting the global carbon footprint significantly and creating a "greener" alternative to our current crude methods.

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