Natural gas vehicles: Is a natural gas vehicle infrastructure feasible?

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  • Natural gas vehicle infrastructure is not feasible.

    Natural gas vehicle infrastructure is not feasible unless you are wealthy. There should be more advances in the technology of vehicles these days to provide other alternatives then gas. The prices of a gallon of gas is continuing to rise and will not fall anytime in the near future. I am sure most minimum wage employees are struggling to keep gas in their cars.

  • Natural Gas Vehicles May Be Feasible In Future

    Natural gas vehicle infrastructures may be feasible, but is not right now. We still don't know everything we need to in order to use natural gas on a large scale yet for vehicles. When the demand for alternative fuel vehicles rises and their are tougher emissions regulations, more natural gas will probably be explored more. Right now, the technology to make these vehicles is not completely known as well as how an individual would refuel his/her vehicle.

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