Navy SEALs take back control of hijacked tanker: Should the US be involved in Libya?

  • Yes the US should be involved in the enforcement of Libyan sanctions.

    Since the hijacked oil tanker was a stateless ship, carrying illegally exported Libyan oil to the North Koreans yes the United States (US) should have taken the enforcement action we did. Since the US is a part of the international enforcement team controlling Libyan exports we have to be involved on the military front as well.

  • They killed our people.

    Yes, the US should be involved in Libya, because the Libyans killed our ambassador. We should have invaded the entire country as payback for the people who came in and hurt U.S. citizens who were only there on a diplomatic mission. The Navy SEALS need to demand peace in Libya through force.

  • It's not our problem

    Libya's problem isn't our problem. It is their problem and we shouldn't stick our nose into it. As the only reason we should be part of this is if we don't help that they would attack the US which is very unlikely as very few people have ever attacked America and not payed a lot more than what they dealt.

  • SEALs Took Control at Libyan Request

    U.S. Navy SEALs attacked the oil tanker at the request of the Libyan government. It was a one-time request for a special situation. The United States shouldn't be any more involved in Libya than it already has been. The U.S. armed forces should be used only for emergencies and not as a regular thing.

  • No, We Shouldn't

    News broke that the Navy SEALs took back control of a hijacked tanker, but why were we even involved? I think this is a waste of taxpayer money. I don't feel the Navy SEALs should be used on missions that have little to do with America or its security. We shouldn't be involved at all.

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